Know Us Better

Who are we?

We are a non profit research driven football learning institution based on the concept of Football Action Theory that nurtures fresh life into conscious, creative and intelligent individuals.

Our Vision

We envision the day when every child from disadvantage background can have access to football coaching in the right environment free of cost that nurtures them to their maximum capabilities.

Our Mission

To set up football coaching centres within villages, communities and government schools wherein children from disadvantage backgrounds can get access to football. 


Our philosophy revolves around nurturing individuals within a team context who understand, adjust and adapt to the ever changing environment and make excellent decisions on and off the field with sublime speed of action.


A four step methodological process is taught to our players to nurture them to their full capabilities.

  1. Tactical Communication (Playing Style – Improving communication      between players)
  2. Game Insight (Better Football Action 100% to 101% – Position, Moment, Direction and Speed)
  3. Execution of a Decision
  4. Football Fitness (Higher tempo for 90 Minutes)



The world is changing all around us. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate certain values and how they influence the way we work within our communities and with each other.

Using football as a medium to nurture fresh lives, we make sure our six core values shape the everyday actions and decisions we and our children make as responsible young leaders to positively impact the world.

Adaptable | Effort | Humility | Learner | Responsibility | Teamwork